Our Reading Marathon is this Friday, October 13. The marathon begins at 9:15 We are so excited to celebrate reading and to raise money for Quincy! Please watch our video!

Parents are invited to come and join us during the times listed below:

  • Young Fives – 9:15-9:55
  • Kindergarten – 9:35-10:15
  • 1st & 2nd Grade – 9:35-10:15
  • 3rd Grade – 11:45-12:15
  • 4th Grade – 1:15-1:45
  • 5th Grade – 1:45-2:15


This year, Lindsay Jipping and Peggy Greshaw will be coaching Girls on the Run again at Quincy. Girls on the Run is an after school program which inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. Our ten-week program is designed for girls in grades 3-5. Lessons are brought by trained volunteer coaches who guide and mentor the girls through an uplifting curriculum that focuses on life-long skills to improve emotional and physical health. The program culminates in a non-competitive 5k which gives the girls a chance to shine and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Look for handouts coming home with girls soon. Sign up starts in November and fills up quickly!


Our parade will be on Tuesday, October 31 at 2:15pm. We are hoping to have the parade outside if weather allows. Please look for directions about where to stand for the parade soon. If it is raining, we will have the parade indoors and parents can watch either in the multipurpose room or the gym. Please note that kindergarten or Young Fives will not participate in the parade.

Individual classrooms may be planning a few events in the afternoon. The events are left to the discretion of the classroom teacher. Teachers are encouraged to engage in some fun, traditional types of games and activities.

Our costume parade will begin at 2:15 p.m. Students are not required to wear a costume for the parade. We ask that costumes not be worn during the morning so that classroom teachers are able to maintain as normal a morning as possible.

Let’s get creative! Self-created costumes are encouraged.

Things to avoid:

  • Any type of aerosol containers (silly string, hair coloring, etc.) or weapon type items
  • No scary costumes, bloody, gory, devilish or monster-type of costume.

Any parents who prefer that their children do not participate in any of these celebrations may have their child/ren excused from the activities or take them home for the afternoon. We will make the library available in the afternoon for quiet activities or reading.


Parent/Teacher conferences are coming up in early November. Very soon we will be posting a link on our website where parents can sign up! An email will be sent to families letting you know when it is posted. Once you register your email address you will be sent an email to sign up for the conference time that works best for you.

You may call the office (616-748-4700) if you are unable to schedule your conference online.

For the benefit of your child, if they are part of more than one household, we ask that you schedule only one conference together.


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